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Friday, October 21, 2005

From the Beginning

After 2 months of living in London I will tell you now about my first impressions here and my plans for the future…
Firstly, it was nice to meet again a good friend of mine from my home city who I know for 10 years. Now I live with him and 4 more Lithuanians in a big nice apartment. New family??? I wouldn’t say so :)
I was very excited to come to London, to see famous places that I have learned about at school during English lessons...the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, that seemed much bigger in the pictures of English language notebook at school...or maybe I just grown up, that's why things look smaller now :)
First weeks I have been spending my lunch breaks walking around Buckingham Palace (as my office is just 2 minutes walk) and I have been walking around the places of interest on weekends, unfortunately alone as my friend has been living in London for 7 years and its not exiting for him anymore. As the weather is quite shitty recently, hopefully I will spend more time writing the project for university this weekend :)

The first week in metro one guy came to me and said “Labas” (I am sure everybody knows what it means :) Of course I didn’t know him, but he just said that I look like Lithuanian…Is it good or bad? I don’t know, but now I see many people that look like Lithuanians …and they are. I think there was no day I haven’t heard Lithuanian language in London, even though I spend 8 hours in the office and 5 hours in my second job each day…
It might sound a bit crazy, but it’s not so bad to work so much…I like to be busy and I just have too many plans for the next year. Firstly I want to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Spain with my family from Aalborg (Denmark), which is already confirmed and I have a ticket…YEAhhh!!! Secondly, I want to go back to Denmark in February and spend my last crazy semester as a student and live this crazy life again. Thirdly, I want to go to my best friends wedding in Lithuania at the beginning of June and maybe come back to Aalborg after to defend my master thesis…Many plans ha…I have even more, but I will not tell you now ;)

I am not planning to come back to Lithuania for good after I get my master degree not because I don’t like my country, but because during the last years I have experienced a lot being in different countries and meeting different people...maybe even somebody special... I don’t want to stop and experience much more; otherwise I would feel like a bird in a cage without the possibility to fly :) Hmmm….very literal expression :)

Well my dear friends, you can visit this site if sometimes you remember about me and if you care where I am in this world :)
Cheers !!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Voice of London

It's Friday in London :) Have a nice weekend !!!