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Monday, November 21, 2005

Dalia and Daniel in London

That’s about time to tell the story about Dalia’s and Daniel’s visit to London.
It seems that London was waiting for them as much as I was, as we had a perfect weather for our weekend!!! It was sunny, not raining and not too cold. We had our lunch sitting in the park watching crazy squirrels running around, black swans and pelicans. Amazing!!!

I met Dalia and Daniel at the bus stop at around 1 am at night. We walked back home and had some warm glog from Denmark (glog – hot Danish Christmas wine). At around 4 o’clock in the morning it was time to go to bed…

Next day we woke up quite early, as we had a very tough plan…but surprisingly we managed to visit much more places than I included in my guided tour leaflet…anyway, we had some time to visit Natural History museum the other day.

The first day we saw Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Park, Tower of London, Tower Bridge…One of the most exciting things was an open exhibition called “Earth from the air” ( with amazing pictures of our planet. After long day we got a bit cold and started dreaming about small “flaske” with some strong drink in it…so we decided to go home as I was sure my new “family” will have something to offer :)
We had a small warm up at home and went to check the nightlife in London. Well, I took my guests to the only not Russian night club I know called “Walk about” …the name speaks of itself…as we were walking around the club and could not find … Thanks to Australians who knew the right way…and here we are !!! Ok, my story of the day ends here as I am not going to comment what was going on in the club :)

The next day we had another guided tour around London, we visited Regent Park which was still very green with a lot of roses. At the end of the day we went to Natural History museum. Daniel’s parents will be very proud of their sonny. Dalia T. met a huge Blue Wale in the museum, which was even "bigger than a dinosaur"…well Dalia…sometimes things are bigger than they seem to be…The museum was really nice, I would like to go there once again. We did not go out Sunday night as Dalia and Daniel had to be at the airport at around 5 o’clock in the morning.

That’s the end of story. I had a great time!!!
The second round: Lina and Linas are coming to London on the 22nd of January!!! I cannot wait :) It’s the right time as my traineeship finishes on the 22nd so we will definitely have what to celebrate!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Its getting cold in London, but not in my heart…

Now I know what is the weather like in London :) is it worse than in Denmark? Well, the wind and rain is similar, the only difference is that I don’t feel it in the underground, whereas in Denmark it used to blow away my bike :)
Anyway, it’s still nice here and I cannot wait until I for Daniel and Dalia to come this weekend. I have asked for some days off at my both jobs, so I can be ready for adventurous couple of days!!! I told my boss, that my parents are coming to visit me :) Perhaps I should have said that they are my kids …but who cares …it’s my family anyway :)
For those who does not know Dalia and Daniel, don’t worry, they are not my real kids, I haven’t even adopted them, they just need some special care :) Hell knows how they will behave in London, maybe I will have to leave them alone in the street pretending that I don’t know them :) Just kidding :)

I promise to show you some pictures next week!!!