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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Its getting cold in London, but not in my heart…

Now I know what is the weather like in London :) is it worse than in Denmark? Well, the wind and rain is similar, the only difference is that I don’t feel it in the underground, whereas in Denmark it used to blow away my bike :)
Anyway, it’s still nice here and I cannot wait until I for Daniel and Dalia to come this weekend. I have asked for some days off at my both jobs, so I can be ready for adventurous couple of days!!! I told my boss, that my parents are coming to visit me :) Perhaps I should have said that they are my kids …but who cares …it’s my family anyway :)
For those who does not know Dalia and Daniel, don’t worry, they are not my real kids, I haven’t even adopted them, they just need some special care :) Hell knows how they will behave in London, maybe I will have to leave them alone in the street pretending that I don’t know them :) Just kidding :)

I promise to show you some pictures next week!!!


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